Trusted for 20 years

OEX manufacturers are required to meet certain criteria:

• Factories are ISO9001 Certified to support stringent engineering, testing and quality control procedures, and complete a factory audit to ensure that they are utilising processes consistent with global
manufacturing quality endorsement standards.

• Professional staff on hand to provide service and support for that product.

• The experience, expertise & flexibility to develop and tool new products to deliver fast aftermarket programmes.

• Consistent and reliable finished products that will survive even under the most adverse weather and operating conditions.

Major manufacturers under the OEX brand are typically OE and aftermarket suppliers and have built up immense knowledge of the needs of the components and units for vehicles beyond OE testing. An in-house testing facility in Brisbane also ensures that all units meet OEX’s highest quality standards before they are released under the OEX brand. Whilst there is no mistaking the quality of an OE component and its respective price tag, the quality branded aftermarket equivalent at its aftermarket pricing adds a whole new dimension to the profitability of your business.

If the price of an aftermarket product is too good to be true, in many cases, the effort involved with fixing the issues that a cheap imitation product will cause is not worth it. Choose quality products at a reasonable
price where you are backed by a company which values its brand promise.