The real cost of cheap parts

You can buy the same starter motor for less. Or can you?

The impact of cheap parts can be felt years after that part has been purchased.

At some point we start to recognize that the price we pay for a product from a distributor is not the real cost.

Costs to consider include;

After sales support.

Consumer Guarantees under Australian Consumer Law mean that if an Auto Electrician has fitted a part to a vehicle, and that part fails or develops a problem, the Auto Electrician may have to provide a remedy. This remedy may take the form of a refund, repairs, a replacement or compensation.

What happens when that product fails after 6 months and the vehicle is in Bundaberg, Mt Isa, or Whyalla?

Will the manufacturer still be around to honour their warranty on their product, or will this be left to the Auto Electrician alone to remedy?

Impact to your business reputation.

The impact of fitting cheap parts goes further than a possible refund or compensation. The impact to your business reputation may last for a lot longer. What does your business stand for? 


Impact to lives.

At the end of the day, any vehicle will only perform as well as the components inside allow it to perform. In the same way, the safety of the vehicle, and its passengers, can be compromised by poor quality components. Is the price difference between the cheap part and the quality part an appropriate value on the lives of your customers’ families?

Choose quality products at a reasonable price, where you are backed by a company which truly values its brand promise.